Methods of killing and utensils of doing so

The title is pretty self explanatory. Just wanted to get an idea of how others do it so i can switch up tactics/try new things. Also tell what you are killing and how it fights back/runs away.

A shortbow for hunting rabbits and squirrels. A longbow for pretty much everything.

Trying using craftable items like Molotov Cocktails and pipebombs to compliment your arsenal.

Thrown combat knives, javelins. Nailbat for getting close and personal. Slingshot for hunting food.

Crowbar for killing.

I’ve started clobbering everything to death with my spiral stone with the help of my horns. Another of my characters had a double barreled shotgun with a rail mounted crossbow. It was great, even if the range for the crossbow was turrable.

Watch out for the headcrabs!

Basically i use anything that may be potentially deadly with some bushes or windows(short range), for long range i use handguns and rifles mostly.

My signiture basicly explains it. (you do need lvl 1 swimming, however)

If the game gets harder (and I have no doubt it will do so in the future) I’ll probably go back to the bow/pistol/blade combo I carried around. But as of right now, I’m finding no hassle in bringing a pistol and a shotgun around with me, as long as I use nerfed ammo.

And yes, I am playing on dynamic. I guess I’m just good at not procing enemies.

I just kill everything with longbows. Only trouble is then I meet Triffids and things, and they beat me terribly. I think even with a gun I’d have problems, as noise/light is enough to have a horde of like 80 on you if you’re trying to go near a Triffid Tower.

As always, don’t forget to light the molotovs before throwing them.