Menu Lingers Blocking View

I’m wielding a stone shovel and using A to till the earth for farming. After I hit 5 to upturn the earth the menu is still there and I cannot see what I’m working with. Obviously I can just look before to know where I want to till but it doesn’t seem to be working as intended.

I’ve got a bit of a similar problem with the menu occasionally going completely blank, but its usually fixed by moving the keys or pressing escape

Indeed, the menu lingers for me when I get a prompt about a ‘dangerously close enemy’ or ‘enemy spotted’ or ‘you hear _____, stop blah blah-ing?’. I get a black bar where the popup was or the menu itself will remain.

I just assumed the screen doesn’t update immediately. IE: The ‘background’ world doesn’t actually show the enemies approaching me until I stop whatever I’m doing, so I always assumed that was the problem.