[Minor] menus not responding to escape key

I found it a minor annoyance that while most menus quit on escape, there are a few who do not:

  • picking up items menu
  • wait menu (default ^)
  • Cheating menu. (I assume it uses the same functions as the wait menu, so fixing this should be an easy fix)
  • Using/applying (‘a’) bladed implement
  • the old messages screen (‘P’) does NOT respond to ‘q’ (as is listed on the screen) nor the escape key. Space is the way out.

Running windows Cataclysm DDA Version 0.2.

there is an option to quit it. as do most menus.

I know. I just found it a minor usability issue.

it is? i think the no ESC for grabbing items is more annoying.

Yeah, that also is annoying. This was just the one I found. I’ll update the topic.

Yeah, it confused me at first too.
I try to pick up something, I can’t exit the menu with escape, you just have to make sure nothing is selected and hit “enter”.

I have this small usability boner, so I facedesked a little bit when I realized what was up.

Press the space bar.

That does nothing in the “^” and cheat menu. And it is a bit counter-intuitive in the case of the pickup menu.

I wasn’t implying that it doesn’t need fixing, because it certainly does. Anyway, I think theDarklingWolf mentioned this in the release thread. There’s were I learned about the space bar alternative, as he also mentioned that.

Sorry pressed a wrong button, wanted to edit, not quote. (Deleted the post).

Edit, and thanks for the info. I didn’t know that. (Even as it is counter-intuitive. I’m wondering where which other places the spacebar works).

For the wait menu, not being able to use a generic exit key but instead using ‘7’ which is right next to ‘6’ (wait 6 hours?) is rather problematic. 'e’xamine menu too is weird, sometimes I get stuck because I don’t realize the menu is open.