Mechanic/vehicle build

I want to try a vehicle focused build, like no static base, only vehicles, but I don’t know the best traits, stats, profession that would work best, or some kind of strategy, also, is there any way to figure out why my previous character kept vomiting (start was infected) was it a trait or the start?

Infections and recovering from them can cause nausea if I remember correctly.

As for your vehicles thing. All you need is a toolbox(or integrated toolset), a bottlejack or similar, a welder and something with glare protection. Easiest start with this sort of thing is an industrial cyborg. Electronics skill of 4-6 is necessary to fix damaged solar panels and salvage others reliably, and a similar mechanics skill level is required to deal with most vehicle modifications.

For the most part you just need steel plating(or better) on whatever vehicle you intend to use as a ramming device, rams at the front and back, and preferably a solar infrastructure until you manage to learn how to make diesel or a steam engine. If you want to stay electric a collection of solar panels and a minireactor works great. Only solar is fine, but you might run out of power at night if the consumption is too high or the storage too low.

Reason why I’m suggesting electric first is because for the most part it’s easier to set up or find a working electric vehicle and solar panels are plentiful enough so you essentially have infinite power if you’re not dumb about it. Fuel-based ones are fine, it’s just that sometimes you don’t find enough fuel for your needs.

Does the radio tower engineer have an integrated toolset?

Seems like it. If you have questions about what a profession does just check them out on the right side.