Meat and The Vegan-Intolerant

So carnivore Trait --> No vegi-stuffs.

Except not always. Booze, battered fish, and more can be eaten by the platstuff-intolerant with no penalty the same way human flesh can be ground up so fine you can eat it without the morale hit (which, unlike carnivore, is a mental affliction: you know its human meat despite it not actually being ‘bad’ for you). But carnivore is supposed to be rooted in the actual inability to digest the material.

So, how does that work? Should we accept that processing materials enough removes what makes them inedible? Some booze I can understand, but not so much the breading on fish.

If this is the case, is a mod to turn all recipes using plantstuffs into actually planty stuffs? Is it okay to ‘pick the plant out’ of a meal, as is the case in pelmeni? Should we also add new foods/a book that caters to herb-o-phobes? Do all herbs, including seasonings, count towards the bowel irritability of a carnivore?

The human flesh exploit is fixed. Now powdering human flesh makes soylent green. Something similar will probably have to be done to the other things. Probably just adding veggy to the material list will make it inedible for carnivores. Try eating fish makizushi, which has both the veggy and flesh material tags. Let me know if you can eat it as a carnivore.

{ "type" : "COMESTIBLE", "id" : "hflesh_powder", "name" : "soylent green powder", "name_plural" : "servings of soylent green powder", "weight" : 38, "color" : "white", "addiction_type" : "none", "spoils_in" : 0, "stim" : 0, "container" : "bottle_plastic_small", "to_hit" : 0, "comestible_type" : "FOOD", "symbol" : "%", "quench" : -4, "healthy" : 1, "addiction_potential" : 0, "nutrition" : 10, "description" : "Raw, refined protein made out of people! While quite nutritious, it is difficult to enjoy in its pure form.", "price" : 1100, "material" : [ "powder", "hflesh" ], "tool" : "null", "volume" : 1, "cutting" : 0, "phase" : "solid", "charges" : 4, "bashing" : 0, "fun" : -4 },

Well like pelmeni you should ‘pick out the inedible bits’.

Carnivore doesnt mean strickly meat eater, it means their diet consists mainly or exclusively of animal tissue. Key word there is mainly. A bit of breading won’t hurt a carnivore just like it wouldn’t hurt a pet cat, which is a carnivore. There are two types of carnivore, obligate carnivores and facultative carnivores.

Obligate carnivores or “true” carnivores depend on the nutrients found only in animal flesh for their survival. While they may consume small amounts of plant material, they lack the physiology required for the efficient digestion of vegetable matter and, in fact, some carnivorous mammals eat vegetation specifically as an emetic.

So to much non meat will give you the pukes or shits but small amounts should be fine.

Carnivores don’t get sick if they eat plants, they just can’t get any real nutrients from them due to short digestive track and lack of enzymes required to process plants.
Cats routinely eat grass to get hair out of their digestive system. Some cat food is flavored with carrots and tomatoes.

It makes more sense for herbivores to get sick, because a longer digestive track means that undigested stuff may rot.
Currently herbivores instantly vomit when trying to eat anything containing meat or eggs.
This too is a bit of an overkill - many herbivores can supplement their diet with insects, small lizards, birds etc.

While breaded fish and the like should probably have the veggy or wheat material, it should be there simply to prevent carnivores from getting extra nutrition from the bread part, not to make it inedible.