Lettuce classification bug

It seems the game does not consider lettuce plant matter. Completely edible by carnivores.

Why does it seem like that to you?

Its not red for a carnivore and eating it causes none of the penalties every single other piece of non animal matter does. Ate a bunch of it in my game to make sure. Was a very strange experience.

It’s appreciated if you add the version/build number to a bug report since stuff like that can change quickly.

I can confirm this bug for 0.E-6779-gc3caa74 (build 11094), no mods.

… And I have not the slightest idea what’s causing it :confused: … The material is “veggy” and all its entries are also found on other items that are considered inedible with the carnivore trait.

Actually, it’s the low calorie value… Since it checks if the nutrition is higher than 0, it will not recognize it as inedible.
As for why it considers 6 lower or equal to 0 - no idea…

I think calories are modified for carnivores, so they may become 0.

It shows as 4 kilocalories in game, the same for normal and carnivore characters, and eating one as a carnivore does indeed add 4 kcal to the stomach and (later) to the stored body fat…
Still not sure what happens there…