Mean, mean mutations

Game’s pretty lenient now, I feel. I’d like it to piss me off more. So how about adding the probability of starting character flaws turning more sour. REAL sour. (Rare mutations. Stuff that’ll make you swear and cry.)

Maybe some of these already exist. Dunno.

Heavy Sleeper turning into Narcoleptic. There’s a chance you’ll fall asleep while doing monotonous things. Driving, crafting, reading…
Near/Far-Sighted turning into Near Blindness (lengthy penalty). Wait, who turned out the lights? Is it night already? 3x3 vision range for a while.
…or Dry Eyes (I’m sure this has a medical name). Add moisture occasionally or take damage.
Asthmatic turning into Chronic Dyspnea (shortness of breath). Asthma you never really get rid of. No inhaler and you’ll slow to a crawl and start coughing. You’re slowed even if you use an inhaler.
Meat Intolerance turning into Meat Allergy. Blisters! IT HURTS! GET IT AWAY! Even being near raw meat makes you itch. Eating it will probably kill you.
Glass Jaw turning into… uh, Feather Chin. Taking hits to the head will easily stun you.
Forgetful turning into Senile. Skills come and go. Same with map knowledge. Wait, what was I saying?
Lightweight turning into Featherweight. Have a beer and get thrashed. More and you vomit profusely!
Addictive Personality turning into Hopeless Addict. Addictions last WAY longer and happen easily.
Trigger Happy turning into PTSD. Severe mood swings. Schizophrenic with some variations. Anger! Effects, good or bad, get doubled or tripled at times.
Jittery turning into Parkinson’s Disease. (This is a complex thing, but…) Let’s just say you’re awfully shaky. All of the time! Better hope you find some Diazepam for this.
Hoarder turning into Compulsive Hoarder (need a better name). You feel bad unless your pack isn’t full. Same if the room you’re in isn’t full of stuff!

You get what I’m going for. Got more?

Sure, why not? Maybe add more branches for mutations, some sort of infernal (?) mutations like bone wings which will be some sort of combination between spiked tail and quills (well everything that suits chaotic creatures).
Also more CBMs and allowance to start as robot-humanoid (with allowance to use welder as medkits/bandages).