Me trolling zombies :P

Me trolling some zombies with a special weapon that is very close to me :stuck_out_tongue: just for shits and giggles.

I’m not meaning to imply anything…but you can maintain an erection hard enough to beat down child zombies? what traits did you select!

Fast Healer
Pain Resistant
Heavy Sleeper
Bad Back
Poor Hearing

Base Stats:
Str 20 Dex 14 Int 8 Per 8


Pretty confident that’s a photoshop for more than the arrow & circle.

Not the greatest use of photoshop ever, but there are much worse. -1 nevertheless.

I never photoshopped it xD

Cough catamodder Cough

Cough He could’a done it without catamodder. Not very convincing cough.

chuck norris is still better tho, he beat down the entire chinese army using only his left testicle

Bruce Lee killed Chuck Norris for looking at his cat wrong.

The Darkling Wolf killed Bruce Lee for breathing in the wrong direction.

The moon killed The Darkling Wolf (And everyone.) for some idiot successfully found majora’s mask.

Is someone threatening my little brother Chuck? :stuck_out_tongue: