Massive Debug.log file

So I usually go up in experimental versions once a day and as a safety measure I always create a back up of my original folder before overwriting with the newest experimental cause i figure things will go wrong once and a while if I keep the same save. Today, however, I tried to do this and was actually given a status bar stating that it would copy 3.8gb…

After rifling through the files, i have traced pretty much all of that size to the debug.log file in the config folder. The version I am currently using is fa75487 using a save that was first started a couple weeks ago (dont remember the version but started around build 1920). I have static spawns off, which I am aware dynamic is having some issues right now, but this is the first time I have seen such a massive debug file so I am not sure if it is related to that or any of the other current issues. The last version I was using prior to this one was 7852a7e and it only had a 540kb debug.log. This leads me to believe it is something occurring in the more recent experiementals.

I will back up my cata folder as normal and keep the massive 3.7gb debug.log around in case further info is needed for a little bit, but I do not know how I can effectively open such a massive text file without crashing the associated program.

Edit: I am using the windows tiles version btw… I can provide additional information upon request.

Care to look at the debug log and check to see if there is any particular messages constantly repeating? Something might be getting stuck in a loop or printing to the log that doesn’t need to.

Any suggestions of what to open it in? Wordpad just crashes at that size.

Never had one that large, but Notepad++ or Word?

I could try word tomorrow but notpad++ has a 2gb limit from what i have read. On a positive not, I have not experienced any new massive log files so far with version a0e3b51 (build 1960 i think).