How to check why a save file crashes the game?

A game i saved maybe the day before yesterday, has spontaneously developed the superpower to crash Cataclysm everytime i try to open it (and only that save game)… Which might make some sense to me had i downloaded an experimental version, or maybe used some kind of save editor… Since i haven’t done the first, and i’m not even sure how i’d go about the second, i need to know…

Is there some way to turn on a debugging mode that will output logs, or atleast show me the error when the program crashes?

I believe there is some form of rudimentary error log present in the data folder. That said it’s very likely that the only way to track it down would be to run the save on a debug compiled version of cataclysm and using a program debugger.

There is a file in the root directory called “logg.txt”… Some stuff was added when i opened the program, but nothing was logged when i tried to open the save… i have yet to find anything modified in a similar timeframe yet