Mass Full-Butcher Lock

As the header suggests, using a long rope, tree, and leather mat, I full-butchered a full tile-stack of zombies, which suggested it required 9 hours.

Attempting to stop queries the [Y/N], however, prompting the [Y] response after a few hours in failed to stop the process and it continued anyways until deep into the night.

I have confirmed that this has occurred more than once, happening twice. Since then, I butcher by the corpse instead of the full-stack option to avoid wrecking my character’s health stat.

Version is from November 20th, 2019.

No mods or alterations. Default settings across the board.

The only change was adding a tilepack.

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iirc it happens with dissection too (and i believe disassembling too), once you select to continue it doesnt stop until it dissects everything, or until the next prompt if you are lucky.

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I don’t remember exactly what I’m thinking of here, but there is another thing that if you queue up several of it and try to cancel, it will only cancel the one you’re currently on and continue onto the other queued jobs. It’s extremely annoying, and whatever it was, I don’t do it anymore or it has been fixed, one or the other.

It is not, it keeps you locked in even if you query a cancel for each item in the roster.