Martial arts and buffs

So I am trying to make a few new martial arts. Most of it is very easy and straight forward. What do I need to do to make a buff that is stationary and triggers when you don’t move?

Assign a static buff then apply an on-move effect that subtracts those stats whenever you move.

That would work, but I might want other buffs and moves to trigger on being stationary. Is there a restricted buff tag? Example: static_buff: defensive_fighting > on_dodge : counter_attack_set-up > counter_attack. So for this case I would need the on_dodge buff to not trigger after you move or attack

Nothing I can think of, I know there’s a “required buff” input, but not a “restricted buff”.

Only thing I can think of is to disable dodging after moving/attacking by adding dodge: -X in the onmove/onhit effects, and use blocking instead of dodging.

I can’t get negative dodge buffs to making it so that you can’t dodge. -x won’t load without errors, and -100 doesn’t seem to do anything. If it does work this is still a pretty messy fix, I’d have to make the duration at least 3 or 4 to cover for slowing down (otherwise you get both buffs for varying amounts of time).

So I took a look at your weapon MA thread and I noticed you used “bonus_dodges”.

Have you tried using:
“dodge”: -10 (Which reduces dodging skill)
“dodges_bonus” : -10 (Which reduces allowed dodges in a given round)