Help with updating Martial Arts page on the wiki

Not sure if this is the right place to post, but in any case I need help source diving so I can confirm the current state of martial arts as of 0.C. The wiki is still on 0.B, which is wildly out of date with some of the martial arts.

I already know how to look up the martial arts in Catyclism/Data/JSON, but I need more information and don’t know where to look. I’m sure it’s buried in the CDDA application but I don’t know how to open or search it yet. I have a lot of questions, and I basically need to know how to dive into the source code to answer them.

I don’t need these questions answered, I just want to know how to find the answer to questions like these.

  1. What is the base damage of each martial art? Where is that information stored? In the JSON files only Scorpion has a +2 bash bonus to base damage, I don’t see any bonuses for Krav Maga in the JSON files. Was the Krav Maga +4 base damage removed in 0.C?

  2. What is the damage of each technique? For example, the Viper on hit buff gives a bash_multi : 3, but the three techniques following it have no bonuses or multipliers at all - just flavor text. Is there a place outside of JSON Techniques which can alter technique damage?

  3. What’s up with Fencing? According to the techniques JSON a stun time of 1 is useless because stun timers tick down by one on the same turn they are applied, but stop thrust (and quite a few other techniques) have a stun time of 1. Does the same rule apply to being “downed” for one turn? What about buffs? Is a buff with duration 3 going to last 3 turns including the turn it was applied or in addition to the applied turn? Finally, the fencing on move buff has “unarmed true”. Does that mean that to activate the fencing on move buff you must sheath your weapon on the turns prior to attacking?

  4. How do you reach max stacks of the Tiger on hit buff? Eight stacks are allowed, but the duration is 3 turns, so how do you fit 2.66 attacks into every turn for 3 turns if the move cost of attacking is about 80?

  5. How do damage multipliers interact? Is bash multi 1.5 and bash multi 1.2 add up to a final multiplier of 1.7, 2.7, or 1.8? Are the multipliers used on weapon damage, passive bonus damage, strength based damage, or all of the above?

  6. Where are the Lizard’s buffs hidden? I see no sign of his wall crawling abilities in JSON and he is listed as having no techniques.

  7. What are the default scaling and modifiers for dex, per, str, and int in relation to unarmed? What is the default damage, move cost, and accuracy of unarmed?

You would like to look into /src/martialarts.cpp on Github (

Thanks, I’ve found the formulas and so forth I need under martial arts and melee. It will be a while before I understand them though, and there are tons of related sections hidden elsewhere I need to check eventually.

I think my best bet for editing the wiki would be to make a new WIP page, and just put in what I know so far and not worry about everything I don’t know yet.

I gave the Martial Arts wiki page a pretty close scrutiny a while back. I think the #1 thing that’s a problem is how the page is structured. If the page was better structured it would be easier for people (myself) included to fill in details that may be outdated, missing, etc.

Are you saying it would be easier to dump the current format entirely to make it easier to update?

Honestly that does sound easier that sticking with the current system. I also notice that the flavor text is out of date or very vague, so I could replace it with a small summary, and make the box for techniques larger.

The real pain is that each technique needs it’s level, technique name, exact effects, and in some cases buff/dodge/block requirements. Many martial arts don’t share their techniques anymore so just listing them isn’t enough.

Hmm… perhaps we would be better off dumping the format entirely and having unfancy but descriptive paragraphs for each style? At least until someone else uses the information to build a prettier format.