Martial arts books

What is the situation with MA books nowadays?

What books can be found ingame and where?

I’m mostly interested in The Dragon Style and Zui Quan MA. Is it even possible to find the books for those arts?

It is, but not in Dojos, weirdly enough.

The following books can only be found rarely in mansions, and VERY rarely in bookstores and libraries, which occasionally pull from the mansion book list.

  [ "manual_capoeira", 9 ],
  [ "manual_centipede", 1 ],
  [ "manual_crane", 1 ],
  [ "manual_dragon", 1 ],
  [ "manual_leopard", 1 ],
  [ "manual_lizard", 1 ],
  [ "manual_scorpion", 1 ],
  [ "manual_snake", 1 ],
  [ "manual_tiger", 1 ],
  [ "manual_toad", 1 ],
  [ "manual_venom_snake", 1 ],
  [ "manual_zui_quan", 1 ]

For reference, these are the books which spawn in Dojos:

  [ "manual_karate", 15 ],
  [ "manual_judo", 15 ],
  [ "manual_aikido", 15 ],
  [ "manual_taekwondo", 15 ],
  [ "manual_tai_chi", 15 ],
  [ "mag_melee", 20 ],
  [ "manual_melee", 10 ],
  [ "mag_unarmed", 20 ],
  [ "manual_brawl", 10 ],
  [ "mag_cutting", 5 ],
  [ "manual_niten", 1 ],
  [ "textbook_weapeast", 1 ]

The remaining martial arts books not in the above lists can all be found in the lockers in Lab barracks, and possibly other places I’m not aware of.

Thank you very much, you have been most helpful. I will continue hunting mansions then.

I was just doing this Yesterday.

Make sure to check ALL The books, because the Martial Arts manuals tend to mimic the appearance of other books.

I can confirm that the books do spawn. I have found a lizard style book in a mansion.

Though i must say that the Lizard style has been modified “slightly”, rendering it useless. (build 7011).

How so? Something like this was supposed to happen, but I thought that was supposed to be on the next savegame breaker.

Wait, does that mean I should re-read books I already have even if they are greyed out (nothing to gain from it)?
I read every book even if it is ‘just for fun’ but do you need to check again on new ones you find?

Books that are just for fun only provide a morale boost as long as they have charges.

Books that have something useful don’t have charges at all and are labeled accordingly (“martial arts” in the case of MA books).

In addition the martial arts books turn grey after the first read (flipping through the pages) but you still need to read it another time to actually learn the martial art AFAIK.

Yes, it is indeed as you say, unfortunately.