Map tool: Path Marker

This feature would be similar to the map notes feature. Except’ instead of covering a single tile, you’ll be able to mark a series of tiles with a custom line.

The intention of this is to allow players to mark paths through cities or dense environments that are difficult to drive through. This way, you’ll always know the best path to take through them when returning.

Now, would a feature like this be worth the effort, and moreover, possible for a newbie like me to implement?

If you are constantly making the same multi-overmap-tile path, then being able to mark a path would let you auto-travel the route quicker and without worry of travel through areas the overmap AI doesn’t know to avoid (off-road when skating, large patch of zombies, etc.). But if not for the player, it could be useful for potential future NPC features like setting paths for patrol or vehicle routes.

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