Many soup ingredients not valid in vegetable soup

As can be seen in this picture, there is no way to make vegetable soup using carrots, onions, or potatoes. They aren’t even allowed in the broth. They aren’t wild vegetables either, as I am carrying them right now. This is problematic because it makes it more difficult to remove the -1 morale penalty with plain carrots by putting them to use. These all obviously are ingredients in vegetable soup, as can be seen in this recipe:, so it would be a useful improvement to allow them in the recipes.

On another note, the vegetable pizza recipe is missing onions.

Wouldnt this require a simple json change in the recipe? Though, I guess nothing can happen as of the next week or so, seeing no new content (and probably changes like this) would be allowed in the code

Ok. I’ll just have to wait for that then. I’ve added the note about pizza now.

This isn’t a problem with the recipe list scrolling off the screen is it, and it’s actually allowed and you just can’t see it?

checks the JSON

…That’s odd… Though wild veggies are allowed according to the JSON.

Also, AerialK7, this is technically a bug-fix so the content… I think? Is allowed. made an issue.

And fixed it: