Woods soup/egg food type mismatch

Woods soup contains three ingredients: a seasoning, a vegetable matter, and a meat/egg product. When created it registers as a meat type for the purposes of the Meat Intolerance trait. However, eggs are not classified as a meat product, being allowable for a character with meat intolerance. This results in a woods soup made from wild vegetables, broth, and eggs being considered meat despite none of the ingredients being meat.

It seems like one of the following things needs to happen

  • Woods soup’s meat status needs to depend on the ingredients used
  • Wood soup’s recipe needs to be split up into Woods Soup and Vegetarian Woods Soup
  • eggs need to be removed as an allowable ingredient to woods soup
  • eggs need to be made a meat type food item, along with egg based recipes like scrambled eggs.


i’ve spent a short bit digging into the jsons for my own personal edits (making a profession that starts with my RL every day carry.) and i believe i know enough to throw together a mod for your issue… the link above should do it. download, un-7zip, drop “veggies” folder in your data/mods folder in cataclysm directory, add mod to your world, and you should see three new woods soup recipes… normal, canned, jarred… all unable to use meat (only egg), and without the “flesh” tag

i didnt test it, and i dont know if that “flesh” tag is even what the trait used to identify meats, but it should be what you need, i’d think

being personally the complete opposite of meat intolerant (my diet consists almost solely of meats.) its not something i’d use, and the meat intolerant trait is also something i’d not use… but as practice, and because it might help someone out, i threw it together for you. let me know if it doesnt work

The mod works fine, as far as I can tell. Thanks!