Making the security cameras work while being protected

I’m in the process of assembling a deathmobile in my current game and I have a question about security cameras, which I have no experience with.

Will security cameras work if placed farther behind the edge of a vehicle (like how I believe headlights work), or do they need to be right at the edge to work?

You should try it. I believe it only works on the outside and you need a camera control system to see through the camera.

As far as I can tell, they can see over quarter panels. I’ll do a little testing.

ok, there is a camera directly under the curser here:

And I’ve toggled off map memory, all the panels in front of that position are quarter panels
There are also cameras here:

and here:

So I think you can definitely see over quarter panels (and rams) but not over roofs and full panels.
edit: But I’m not 100% cos sometimes you seem to be able to see over full panels, it might actually just be roofs you can’t see over.


I was secretly hoping it would be you who answers with your glorious machine I saw while lurking in a different thread! That’s a very definitive test, thank you. That helps me determine what goes where very nicely.


np :smile: (20 charcters)