Making rail vehicles?

currently i can’t figure out how we’re supposed to quickly move through lab railways (aside from the very rare rail car that spawns there already) since i can’t build a vehicle onto a rail or drive a vehicle over them

Dedicated rail vehicles would require special wheels, to grip said rails instead of just driving anywhere. Not sure such a thing is even within the capabilities of the game engine yet, but it would be nice if it did.

You can find drascines (small rail vehicles used for maintenance) in subways, sometimes.

It’s possible to build a drascine yourself, but it’s tricky. You have to start with a frame that isn’t onto the rails and expand onto the rails.

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Oh man now I feel dumb. I always saw rail parts in the list but never managed to build one. I guess I’m the fool for trying to build a “rail cycle” that has no business existing.

Though I guess I can still build one if I just start with the sidecar. Gravity be damned.