Fixing vehicle retardedness

Right now, the vehicle coding is rather… Sub-par. Right now they are teleporting buildings. So lets try and make them actual moving platforms that you can walk around on and build beds and such on.

Hmm, I found the vehicle coding to be one of the best things I have seen in a Rougelike, different strokes I guess.

Yeah, but the only interaction with it is driving/ adding frames or parts. You can’t even walk around or build beds in your mobile fortress with the current code.

seats in car work as bed kind of their slightly less good then cots

I want to be able to do more with my vehicle, like leaving the cruise control on while I hang off the side reloading my turret.

I also want to build shit in my fortress, it is rather barren.

Outline specifically what you’re looking for and it’s more likely to happen.
All I got out of that was “walk around in vehicle” (relatively easy to code) and “walk around in a moving vehicle” (probably quite difficult to code)

Walk around in vehicle while moving.
Build objects in vehicle.
Use objects while in still in moving cruise controlled vehicle.
Build/do other time consuming tasks in vehicle.

Just because a vehicle is in cruise control doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be steered. Whales would probably like the idea as it is very action movie style, implementation might be difficult especially as now if you try it you would get squashed by the vehicle.

Furniture adding should be doable when building the vehicle but might be a bit harder if you just trying to build a bed on the vehicle.

Meh, adds a sense of urgency to whatever your doing.
Also I doubt it would take different materials to build a bed in a vehicle.

Re: building furniture in vehicles. The terrain system and the vehicle parts systems are currently completely separate, the only way they interact is that if a vehicle is present the vehicle parts take precedence over whatever terrain is present.

As a side-effect of this, any “furniture” built in vehicles has to be defined separately from the normal version of the furniture.

I was looking at this just recently when I was modding in a schoolbus, I wanted the aisle down the center to not count as difficult terrain, but it seems that’ll require surgery in various parts of the vehicle code, so I put it on hold for the moment.

Just to repeat, having your vehicle keep going while you walk around in it would likely be quite difficult to implement and would touch some very prone-to-break-badly code, so even though I agree it’s a cool idea, I’m not going to be looking into it.

What about wheels?
Wolf, can you make small wheels go faster on road, but slower on fields etc. And big wheels maybe should not have penalties on fields?

[quote=“Taiga, post:11, topic:65”]What about wheels?
Wolf, can you make small wheels go faster on road, but slower on fields etc. And big wheels maybe should not have penalties on fields?[/quote]Maybe they could also be slower (slide) on streets soaked with blood and filled with zombie organs, so that death trucks wouldn’t be so deadly.

But death trucks in real life WOULD be ridiculously deadly in an area with straight roads and no cars. Solution: Add junked cars in the road, see other thread. Oh, and those concrete and steel poles in front of buildings in the U.S. would help with the driving-through-buildings silliness.

I want unicycles.

Shouldn’t be too hard to add that, just alter the valid_wheels_config function. You’ll need to change how it does the balance checks there but otherwise game should handle it.

Too bad darkling is too lazy busy to add helicopters.

Too bad helicopters are a terrible idea and that you’re a terrible person for bugging us about it :stuck_out_tongue:

Well at least I have fun doing it.