I think a amazing addition to DDA would be trains and subways, since this game has my favorite vehicle system ever, It would go amazingly if someone made a mod for it or it was added.

I know subway stations exist, although I’ve never really bothered to go down into them. Dark corridors sound like a recipe for monsters. Even if they had subway cars, they wouldn’t run though, almost all subways are electrical and the grid as a whole just doesn’t function anymore.

Trains might be neat, if only to add railroads to the Overmap. The actual locomotives themselves would be extremely situational, and constantly blocked by other trains. Not to mention that currently, the game engine can’t handle chaining vehicles together, and would have trouble trying to display a long train as one unified element. But the idea of refitting a train to run off of the tracks, barreling down a city street… Its so spectacular that I want it.

You’re missing out, a subway in in the edge of a city gives you a free pass into the middle/other side of the city for free… at the expense of being eaten by a grue…

Ha, it’d be fun if we could make steam/coal trains to use on the empty parts.

I think someone was working on traintracks and subway cars a long time ago… probs not happening soon.

If they added trains, that would be the first act I would do, the carnage would be unimaginable.

tracks and stations proper and actual wrecked vehicles could exist. and provide one more rp chance.

i could add it to my own list.

how the subway of an average new england town looks:

so a small hurdle.
but a small one could work. modest, humble.

what is everywhere is 85% relic train tracks and 15% operational ones. lot-o intercity tracks in industrialized NE. and antiques like riverside watermills, forded rivers, and gorgeous hiking trails with foot bridges over rivers and maybe space for a game wardens car.