Making fossile fuels out of plastic

Apperently you can make your own crude oil and fossile fuels via catalytic cracking (the same process they use to turn oil into fuels). Only instead of needing high tech industial equipment you can make your own catalytic reactor out of scrap. You also don´t need any type of crude oil as you can apperantly make fuels or even your own crude out of anykind of plastic, rubber and tires.

The things that people claim to be able to make range from pretty much any fossile fuel to some sort of crude ¨oil¨ that can be further refined and always some sort of syngas that can be captured on its own or used to fuel the reaction itself. You could might also be able to produce various petrochemicals if you have the right chemical knowhow and equipment. Only consurn might be contamination and harmful pollutonts but a survivor likely doesn´t care about that.

I have seen plenty of videos of people making various fairly similar setups too produce various different types of fuels/crude ¨oil¨.

This is the frist part of someone building and giving details on how to make a diesel reactor litterally from scrap: Make your own Free Diesel from Waste Plastic! PART 1 - YouTube

There’s already a way to make biodiesel in game by using veggie oil or any kind of fat from butchering things but the only downside is you need a LOT of fat/veggie oil plus lye and some kind of alcohol to make any meaningful amount of biodiesel plus it takes a long time in game per craft but it’s better than running out of natural diesel as that can run out eventually.

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The existence of one fuel generating method isn’t really good argument against adding an additional way to create fuel. (assuming its actually viable, and its not the same as biodiesel)

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Biodiesel isn´t the same as making actually diesel. You also have to keep in mind that you can make other types of fuel such as gasoline or kerosene with this as well cetain gasses such as butane and propane that might have a aplication in welding. Than there is also the fact that this process could potentially be used to make certain petrochemicals that can have other uses than fuel.

I was just saying that there’s already a way to make one of the fuel vehicles use already is all, i’m all for a crude way to make the harder to get things (welding fuel i’m looking at you!) even if it’s inefficient as hell.