Making custom menus for mods

It appears that some of the older mods featured Lua-based code modules that, from what I’ve seen, were able to create custom, native-looking in-game menus. (Remember the window you get when you activate a tailor’s kit?)

Is there a way to add those now?

With the removal of lua, there is no longer a way to do this.

Wait, what?! LUA support got removed? I’ve completely missed that. I probably have to change some of my answers then…

Is there a topic (on discourse) with some discussions on that that I can dive into? I just found one really talking about it.
Don’t get me wrong; from all the languages that I know and use, I detest LUA. I even prefer to code in assembly, regardless that I’m a bit sh… uh… slow on it. So I’m a bit gloating. I was just wondering if it’s really that efficient to have a lot of git pull requests for such stuff (and also get a way to better unterstand the reasoning behind it).

I guess it’s possible to do it in C++? Or is that off limits?

The context is within a mod, so the answer is no.
We could hypothetically grow some features that allow mods to do specify menus to popup for various reasons, but that’s a pretty involved proposition.

This wouldn’t be of immediate importance – I’d rather you guys worked on some of the cool baseline stuff that you’re working on for 0.F – but having a method to allow custom interactions via windows would be fantastic. One could bullshit their way around the matter by providing cycling options (like Advanced Gear did with their nanosuit heat modes), but that is… inefficient at best.

I’ll take learning some C++ to write some code within a tight framework if it’s easier than allowing JSONized menus.