Lua may be getting axed, how many people care?

Supporting that Lua interface takes far more work than porting all the known Lua scripts to C++ and supporting that.

How many mods actually make use of that Lua interface? How extensively?

Most people would care about Stats through skills mod

i dont use it. but then again I don’t explicitly know howto lua

I think all the LUA is used for is the StatsThroughSkills mod, which could be rewritten in C++ just as easily.

My vote is to nix it.

To be clear, along with this would be overhauling fast zombies, slow zombies, tough zombies, stats through skills, and zombie nightvision to no longer depend on lua support.

The fact that this list of mods is so short is the problem here, we have thousands of lines of code in the game to support this handful of features.

Pretty sure those are already overhauled.

Each has a main.lua, so they’re either not switched over or they have leftovers.
Those are the trivial ones anyway, stats through skills is the only one that isn’t a simple map over the list of monsters.

Providing prevent zombie revivification gets ported over I wouldn’t mind.

What about the lua console in the debug menu? Is that going to be axed, too?

I also wouldn’t mind if prevent zombie revival got overhauled to not need lua support.

There won’t be Lua in any form, so console won’t be available.

Convert all of the things, then get rid of lua. Everyone wins!

I actually know of a few mods that could conceptually rely upon lua or hard coding. but idk if they have the skillset to use it.

not me, though undoubtedly I could.

“Could conceptually rely upon lua” is what got us into this situation, if it’s not someone actually using Lua it doesn’t matter.

What can Lua actually do?

Toggle player gender and increase INT by 1 once a minute.

[code]local MOD = {}

mods[“ZS_LuaSandbox”] = MOD

function MOD.on_minute_passed()
game.add_msg(“One minute has passed! Swapping gender!! You are getting smarter!!!”)

--local m = player.male
player.male = not (player.male)

player.int_max = player.int_max + 1


If someone actually made a good enough use of it to warrant supporting it, it could use 95% of hardcoded functions and emulate the rest in lua.
No one did and actual lua mods were rather simple, so most of the giant interface was unused.

Lua can also clear all items under a player’s feet.

Lua piggybacks off of existing features and can modify them… from what I gather. Creative coders can do crazy stuff with it.
Very useful… unless no one uses it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just found a whole bunch of awesome new mods that are big in Japan!

And a bunch use Lua.

Would the Japanese mods that use Lua be a good enough reason to avoid Lua getting axed?