Making Chinese weapon martial arts?

I got some question about the martial arts from chinese, I have been notice even chinese martial arts
have so many can use, it can’t however, have something martial arts that can use with weapons, whichs getting little weird,

so far, some chinese melee weapons, such as dao, qiang, jian something like that still dosn’t have any martial arts that can use them, and I think the shaolin martial arts can have a weapon to use, such as stick, spear, something like that,

also, I think we can add more martial arts from chinese, such like Wing Chun, JEET KUNE DO, eight-extremes boxing?


The whole martial arts system was never finished, its author left it incomplete. We’ve needed somebody to step in and work on it for a while – it was not intended that you become expert in a style after ten minutes of reading a book, for instance, and Lizard style does nothing at all because no techniques were ever coded for it.
Adding some new Chinese martial arts would be cool, but unless somebody steps up to work on martial arts, it’s not gonna happen.