Making a Rolling Fortress: Where to Start?

So, since one of the Godhood challenges is to make a fully functioning Rolling Fortress, I need to decide where to start.

I found a Self-Propelled Howitzer…unfortunately most of the front was destroyed by zombies, so I’m not sure if I can salvage anything there. There’s a light tank near my location, so I could theoretically merge the two vehicles together.

I’m also not sure if I should do I diesel vehicle (killing all those Hulks recently gave me tons of Tallow) or an Electric Vehicle (I have a bunch of Enhanced Electric Motors going to waste…)

Should I look for another Tank Sized vehicle to start with, or should I try to salvage the Howitzer? The game’s weapon system is also a mess currently, because none of the current weapons I’d actually want to use can be used as turrets…

What exactly is a Rolling Fortress? Could you give us a better idea of what you want?

a rolling fortress or a drivable fortress is something that is strong and is somewhat comparable to a fortress that has a vehicle to maneuver that enables it to move from distance to distance. :smile:

Honestly i doubt it matters what you start with but i would probably make sure it has heavy duty frames so it can take more abuse and if it has military composite plating to begin with would save you time. From my experience with vehicles i wouldn’t go over 5 wide due to bridges and city driving.

As for engines why not have both styles as long as your mechanics is high enough. Use one for general use and only bring the other online when you need to get somewhere quickly.

I fixed up the Howitzer. Turns out the damage wasn’t as bad as I initially thought. Should I keep the Tank style or should I replace the Heavy Duty Quarterpanels in front with boards so I can expand space and prevent zombies from climbing on it?

Depends. Do you like being able to see? Problem is, boards break line of sight, which is great for zombies but awful for driving, and cameras don’t let you see nearly as far. Plus, they’re really fragile.

Your best bet would probably be a cockpit with reinforced glass at the front with a layer of heavyduty quarterpanels over the top. That should keep it strong enough to smash through things and let you see a bit. That takes up a lot of vehicle space though and if you want to see a decent area you’ll need to have it sticking out the front of the vehicle.

Having used an APC with its single tiny window and a bunch of cameras that broke (and which my guy had little hope to repair) I gotta say carefully placed mirrors are your best friend. More durable than cameras, and super cheap to replace, I put a few up front to see around me and one on the door in the back. Leave that door open, and I can see almost all the way around.

Keep in mind there is a bug with cameras where the zombies can see through them in reverse because the game assumes if you see them they see you. I’d double-wall everything, heavy frames only, add spikes, rams, or shredders on the front, carpet sides in laser turrets (might take a while to get a bunch, but it is doable basegame, and pretty easy with some of the mods) And quick tip: you can put fuel tanks and batteries on every tile. Skip that for the outermost two tiles, but other than that, feel free to load up every single tile with them. Always put your engines, controls, and fuel towards the center, fuel tanks explode, and you don’t want to lose engines or have the frame below you break and get run over.

Funny thing is, Laser Turrets don’t work anymore. You can’t install them at all. At least, not with A7 Laser Rifles.

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I’ve just built a new Devil Ride for myself and installed a Turbolaser Cannon on it. The one that is made from ‘a cannibalized cyborg arm’.

16 hours later: And now it’s just got beaten up by a Zombear. And again the first thing to get destroyed was the floodlight ON TOP of the vehicle. Seriously, this is getting ridiculous.

So yeah, unless the vehicle system gets overhauled, you’re gonna end up face in a bush doing WHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRRRRRR in one place till the end of the world. Just because the fortress is enormous and you won’t be able to accelerate quickly, you’ll be defeated by bushes.