LUA Error. Template problem

After making my first survivor on 2276 I started getting LUA errors on world creation. After deleting the templates folder the errors went away, until after making a new template, after which my game started having the LUA errors again.

I have the same problem.

We talked about this on IRC; so far as I know the details are WinCurses, build 2276, and problems happen when you die in an autodelete world, and then use your template character to start a new world (you only have that one world going at a time).

That said, I wasn’t able to replicate the error using my dev build of 2277 under those circumstances, so I’d appreciate folks who are getting the errors checking me up here.

Possible confounding factor: I have Lua for Windows present on this machine. Never done anything with it but it’s installed.

Update: Narc and BevapDin ran this to ground and the fix landed. If it recurs, let us know. Thanks for reporting, all.