Lore question: the cataclysm as it was perceived by common folk

Reined in, actually. As in to pull on the reins of a horse to get him under control and make him slow down.

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pretty much “hey guys science promises lasers and teleporters even some crazy reality bending thing” then they forgot about that the presidents war cabinet had a dick measuring contest with china corporal law was enacted smart people made lmoe shelters to hide out people barricaded their homes dissadents formed riots and mass executions were called up to deal with it and then after that all the weird shit sprung up dead walking wasn’t really realized until the final hour everyone just thought it was chinese sleeper agents and shit panic rose stores were looted and everyone tried to get away to anywhere that didn’t have as big of problems poor looking to escape gang on army robot wars and rich the whole damn country end result some gave up and holed up most struggled only to get swarmed and join the horde

why you got out? desperation.
why no one else did? the papers ran that they had nothing to give. “peace of mind” and fuck all for supplies

Here’s a lore heavy example. Anyone in-the-know want to vet it and let me know if I have a pretty accurate picture of the apocalypse now? Spoilered because if I get this into the game, people might prefer to see it appear on NPCs.

So, what's your story?

A shitty tale of love and loss. Not something I like to tell.

(persuade or intimidate to convince them to tell it)

All right, fine. I had a (wife/husband). I lost (him/her).

What happened?

(She/he) was at home when the bombs started dropping and the world went to hell. I was at work. I tried to make it to our house, but the city was a war zone. Things I can’t describe lurching through the streets, crushing people and cars. Soldiers trying to stop them, but hitting people in the crossfire as much as anything. And then the collateral damage would get right back up and join the enemy. If it hadn’t been for (him/her), I would have just left, but I did what I could and I slipped through. I actually fucking made it alive.

(Option 1) You must have seen some shit.

Yeah. I really did. It took me two days to make it across the city on foot, camping out in dumpsters and places like that. I only moved by night, and I learned right away to avoid the military. They were a magnet for the dead, and they were usually stationed where the monsters were coming. Some parts of the city were pretty tame at first. There were a few chunks where people had been evacuated or cleared out, and the monsters didn’t really go there. Later on, others like me started moving into those neighborhoods, so I switched and started running through the blasted out downtown. I had to anyway, to get home. By the time I made the switch though, the fighting was starting to die off, and I was mostly just avoiding attention from zombies and other things.

(option 2) I take it home was bad.

The first warning was that I had to move from the preserved parts of the city to the burnt out ones to get home. It only got worse. There was a police barricade right outside my house, with a totally useless pair of automated turrets sitting in front just idly watching the zombies lurch by. That was before someone switched them to kill everybody, back when it only killed trespassing humans. Good times, you can always trust bureaucracy to fuck things up in the most spectacular way possible. Anyway, the house itself was half collapsed, a SWAT van had plowed into it. I think I knew what I was going to see in there, but I had made it that far and I wasn’t going to turn back.

Did you make it into the house?

I did. Took a few hours to get an opening. And you wanna know the fucked up part? Like, out of all this? (He/She) was still alive. (He’d/She’d) been in the basement the whole time, pinned under a collapsed piece of floor. And (he’d/she’d) lost a ton of blood, (he/she) was delerius by the time I found (him/her). I couldn’t get (him/her) out, so I gave (him/her) food and water and just stayed with (him/her) and held (his/her) hand until (he/she) passed. And then… well, then I did what you have to do to the dead now. And then I packed up the last few fragments of my life, and I try to never look back.

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