Derail about gender politics


Are the genders going to be randomized? Or is it going to be man = woman , woman = man? Cause if it’s the second you might want to worry about the angry feminists but the worst of them hate video games anyways.

Lore question: the cataclysm as it was perceived by common folk

Presently I’m still trying to see if I can make the stories conform to gender pronouns at all. Let me worry about adding a realistic sexual preference breakdown in a later phase when I see about adding other preferences.

That said, where possible I’ve used gender neutral terms


Well this should appease the angriest of the internet. Seriously they are mean…
But either way I wish you well with you endeavours and I would love to see them in action.


I mean, I probably qualify as a pretty angry segment of the internet by the standards you seem to be using, so…


I’m talking about the part of the internet that when you say something silly on the internet hunt you down in real life and try to ruin and harm you all for saying something you thought was funny and is overtly aggressive and attack you for think differently from them.


I think we’re staying pretty far off topic here, anyway. I hope you liked the dialogue; I’ll probably post a few other samples up before I finish the project, could use the feedback.


@Eastwardrope91 cool it with the ranting, it’s wildly off topic and violates the site policies


Alright I will keep the ranting about the mean bits of the internet to a minimum. Also I somehow have rights to edit the name and the OP but nothing else interestingly. Not sure if the editing the name is a glitch but I thought you or someone else might want to know of it.


Honestly to me this sounds like two easily offended people complaining about how easily offended the other one is.


That’s a good sound, an optimistic sound, likely an echo but that’s good enough. I’m happy to hear you’ve not been discriminated against or excommunicated based on your speaking habbits or what a growing group of politically motivated, well established individuals may presume you to be or represent.

But I’m not interested in discussing offensiveness, just the acts this revised form of policing has been used to accomplish.

to be clear, none of what I’ve said is a critique of you or your work, which i do appreciate to have around. so please do remain objective and participate in separating the shitposting from the valid concerns raised in this regard.


What makes you think I haven’t? I just see the same foolish discrimination coming from people who act like it’s a herculean effort to use a neutral gender pronoun at least as often (honestly far more so) as I see people getting their nonspecific genitals in a twist over which term has been used. I’m an old dog who struggles to learn new tricks, and I spend a huge amount of time around people who have chosen to use alternate terms for themselves, where I make regular goofy mistakes on which term I call them by. I’ve never been ostracized once, because I just laugh, apologize, and correct myself and we go on with things.

On the other hand, I have family members I was once close to who literally won’t talk to me anymore because one of my best friends is in a same sex marriage. So, you know, ostracism.

That said, I’m sure it’s very traumatic having to apologize for calling a woman a man.


Just so you know what to expect, I’m not neutral on this issue. I’m proudly a SJW because that means I take action on behalf of equality.

If you think SJW is a derrogatory term, and you’re not capable of acting civily when these issues come up, kindly fuck off of my forums.

I’m not on a witch hunt here, but I’m not inclined to treat anti-SJW shitposting as, “just kidding” either.


I’ve met people who when I said “ma’am are you alright?” Flip out and scream at me about misgendering them and say something ridiculous that isn’t even a word by Webster dictionary. They don’t even allow me to apologize or correct myself. After about three times of this happening I’ve gotten tried of people like that and quite heavily detest them. I have nothing against transgender people or gay people or what ever. I have a problem with people who are aggressive towards me for no bigger reason than I said a word wrong(which is just a series of sounds used to convey thoughts).
That being said I have had friends who I’ve known for a rather long time drop this suddenly saying I identify as some such and you will call me by X. I stopped talking to them because they were acting snobby about it and were quite rude. So forgive me if I find them to be silly and annoying.

I also don’t like alot of SJWs because they have been quite rude to me. I have tried being polite to them and they yell at me and call me a Nazi because I don’t think I should have to pay for the sins of my forefathers. I have no problem with equality it’s the reason I’m against the Male Rights movement and the Feminist movement I don’t believe there is a need for them if there is equality(you have equality already if you have both sides calling for it) we have equality for the most part in law (save for the fact women are believed in rape cases over men and a few other things as well as companies hiring them over men due to racial quotas and sexual quotas to try and diversify the work place (it’s part of the reason I don’t have a wage job at the moment and only work some of the time)). Point being we should have two sides like that if we have equality.

So forgive me for not liking such. I’ve had many bad experiences with SJWs and other people of that area maybe you can prove my views and experiences were the minority and not the majority.


Well, I don’t forsee this conversation going anywhere pleasant. I get enough of people complaining about others wanting basic polite treatment in real life, I don’t need it in my entertainment too. Cheers.


I disagree, it went from, “this person is kind of irritating”, to “I don’t want this person on my forums”, that’s progress.


Wat’s up with weird subjects appearing on this forum in like a single week? I haven’t been active for a year, trying to catch up with latest developements in CATA and see “genocide discussion” now it’s “genders discussion”. I understand that they are not in the game specific section but discourse doesn’t really separate them all that well.


many of us share your struggles yet aren’t ‘sociable’ enough to play it off
I’ve an lgbt friend who took their life last month so do consider the possibility that i don’t take it lightly either.
But that’s aside of the concerns i am trying to raise here, In particular:

The destructive effect this form of thought may have on communities.


SJW is not a derogatory term. It is a SUBVERSIVE term.
I utterly reject both the ‘SJW’ and ‘anti-SJW’, For i am. Not. one of you.
And I do not wish for my definitions to come from your political parties.
Weather you accept my support in areas, which i do support. And heed my warnings. Is up to you.


It’s the same group of people arguing about political stuff, and some of them being unable to do it civilly.
The general policy on derails is to just shift them to a new thread, which might result in the title having rather loaded phrasing.

It should clear up soon, either people will learn to chill out a bit, or I’ll ban the ones that don’t.


It’s not, “this form of thought” that’s the problem, the problem is people being assholes when presented with a perfectly reasonable request, for example but not limited to using a preferred term of address when requested or refraining from using terms generally considered derrogatory to another party.

If I see someone being an asshole about someone else acting in good faith to be civil but making some mistake, I’ll call that out too when I see it.

As for “destruction of the community”, if I end up with the community size cut in half, and the remaining half are the not-assholes, that’s a better community.

I don’t care if you agree with my politics or definitions, be civil and we’re fine, which you are in general doing.


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