Loaded games become water maps?

Has anyone had issue during the last couple builds with saves getting messed up. Several worlds now I have had saves load with an error. If I continue to the game the map is a water world. Several tiles around me will be where I saved but after that its all water. Never seen anything like that before. I did create new worlds and had the same issue.

Something similar just happened to me not too long ago.
I just loaded my save like usual, no updates were done in the hour i closed the game.
I appear in the middle of nowhere, All skills back to 0, followers gone, Knowledge of the map also gone, Gender was changed to male.
Every time i would load the map there would be 2 raccoons to my left and 1 giant bee to my south east and i would appear in a different location every time i loaded the map.
I would get this error every time https://i.imgur.com/6stG49E.png it would pass very quick so it was hard to screenshot it.

DEBUG : Failed to read from “./save/Death World 1.0/o.0.0”: line 31:4323: duplicate entry in json object


FUNCTION : bool read_from_file(const string&, const std::function<void(std::basic_istream&)>&)
FILE : src/cata_utility.cpp
LINE : 446

that is the one I get.

Build 9185 and later should have this fixed, though it doesn’t fix corrupted saves.
We’re continuing to look into the possibility of recovering corrupted saves as well.

Updating now. Thanks for the quick reply.

Now if only I could do it on purpose. I still want that CDDA/Water World crossover.

You can.
in regional_map_settings.json

change river_scale and noise_threshold_lake and lake_size_min

Dont go too extreme, or will fail to load a starting point ( unless its the island prison start )

But you can certainly make the world like 90% lake/river.

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You’re a god damned hero.