Liquid in inventory 0.c-10129-g6fcc2b7

I had a problem in my current game where when reloading a soda can stove kit the remaining ethanol was placed in my inventory out side a bottle. I could drop the ethanol but not pick back up and i could not figure out how to store it in a container.

all liquids that get loaded will unload the remaining liquid.

My advice is to complain here and in the meantime unload all liquid into containers that wont be wasteful.are less wasteful.

i.e. put your ethonal into plastic bottles and load the kit like that. or at least ensure that you dont waste any of it.

At least with gas or water it can put them into vehicle tanks.

I attempted to reload the soda can stove kit with more ethanol but I received an console error message about a missing item so not only does it unload the rest of the material it breaks something else.

My advice as somebody else who cant really make the fix himself is to save your game, download a older version or the newest version, and try to load it until it works.