Empty Bottles (Plastic) Disappears

Hey guys. When I reload my chainsaw from a plastic bottle with gasoline, the bottle is nowhere to be found.

I am using the windows SDL experimental version from about 8 hours ago or less.

Thank you, and keep up the good work everyone.

Edit: Also I thought it important to mention that the bottles were refueled by siphoning cars. I siphoned into the bottle, then (I), the the letter of my chainsaw, then I reloaded like normal.

Do you have the option to drop empty containers set to on? there’s 3 settings. go to the options menu and check, although I’m sure you know this already :s
No, drop all containers and drop all containers except watertight. Might want to look around on the ground where you’ve been. I’ll try to duplicate this in a bit.

Addenum: you weren’t hitting I during the actual siphoning process were you?
That means you’d siphon the gas directly into your chainsaw and not your plastic bottles.

I’ve had plastic bottles disappear as well when "E"ating to drink from them instead of "a"pplying a few days ago. And they weren’t just dropped, either.

Yeah they weren’t dropped. I have my settings set to save the watertight containers. But yeah, they weren’t on the ground or in a container or anything.

Confirmed, replicated in the current build.
Eating or activating bottles of clean water sometimes deletes the bottle.