Lights in the basement

all i wanted was some lighting!

  • braziers. crash when you set them up in a basement. i found a house with a basement near the shelter. that’s where i’ve seen it. thus no light, no safe-cooking, no potential for a coal heated wood framed sleeping section :frowning:

so… being the fast learner/optimist …

  • i brought down bikes. i had enough juice and flashlights to get 4 frames all lit up, lighting up the entire thing. it was beautiful. for a moment. lights are on, i walk to the stairs, press up … and … ctd.

there’s two bikes, each has a front and a right wheel standing there with lights on. i understand that the lights go out when i sleep or load the game, but within those limits this setup should work. even if there are no official construction lights yet.

  • if you’ve been in any solid basement you know that the temperature there remains almost constant throughout the year. it should do the same inside the game.

  • there’s an underground indicator. but when you’re upstairs and inside you do not get an INDOORS indicator. i don’t know the weather when the curtains are pulled either.

sorry :frowning: i don’t have a dev setup here.

CYGWIN exe broken (as of this post)

thought i’d track down the bug at my end, followed the _very helpful/easy guide to building Cataclysm using the Cygwin method under WinXP; installed and upgraded everything as of today, pulled the sources about an hour ago and built the whole thing.

it starts but hangs on startup using one core to the max. :frowning:

i’ve no real experience with gdb, much less without some ide, will look into doing this under linux proper using codeblocks, but for now this effort is stalled until i can build and run a debug version in Cygwin. perhaps one you can take a look and/or point out what i’m missing. thanks!

Cygwin is terrible. It would be possibly easier and faster to install linux on a partition or whatever and do your development from there.

look man the instructions are out there and i just told you that the build is broken. so i loose game-time trusting the check-in logs, then i loose install and screwing around-with-it cygwin time. both these traps remain in place and you’re trashing Cygwin?

  • would someone kindly fix the cygwin build, remove the documentation on it, and/or fix the bug, and/or make it possible to produce meaningful saves at the moment of a fatal exception?

yeah, i know, i should do that myself. not gonna happen like this.