Leveling Applied Science

Does anyone have a good method for grinding out the Applied Science skill? I really wanna start cooking up some Alpha serum after raiding a huge science lab, but I’m nowhere near the required skill level. Tips?

The “right” answer would depend on your skill level, the available books and material.

Generally speaking: Have a look at the crafting recipes available to your character that requires that skill… (Open the [&] crafting menu, [f]ind, search for p:applied science.)
As far as I know, the higher the level necessary to craft something and the longer it takes to craft, the more skill you’ll gain from it. Although, that might has changed without me noticing it…

I have a bunch of high tier science books, but they all require at least science 6, I’m just looking for a cheap/quick way to get there.

I’ll be following this.

Getting to 4 was easy with superglue after a book gave me three. that’s just a big cycle of taking wood ash for lye into powder into glue. At four menthol looks like the easy choice to 5, wood is easy to get. Almost there now but work calls so have to keep this rolling later. I’m sure I’ll at some point need a chemistry set but not so far.

Well, in case anyone was interested, I eventually found the book The Essential oil Enthusiasts Handbook which could raise my applied science to the needed level, but first I needed at least level 4, which I easily reached by making superglue and lye. Now, a few days later I’m already level 11 after making my own little serum factory.