Leukocyte Breeder energy cost!

This thing used to be 1/hour, now it’s 5 PER TURN! That’s insane! Given that you MUST have it active to be able to benefit from it, and it makes you sick if you turn it off! What the heck, why was this changed?!

Bionic energy got reworked to use joules and kilojoules instead of unspecified bionic power units. One old bionic power unit is now equal to one kJ of energy. The Leukocyte Breeder use 5 J of power per turn or 1 kJ per 200 turns or 12 kJ per hour.

Turns also got changed from 6 seconds per turn to one second per turn, making an hour 6 times as long as it used to be. Overall, this means that while the Leukocyte Breeder CBM costs 12 times as much power per hour than it used to, its effective power per turn cost only goes up twofold. This does not really nerf it as it is still relatively easy to keep it running indefinitely.


now you need to be preapred for the other CBMs, after the bionic power rework, some became able to run basically indefinitely, like the infrared one, or the alarm one. with some are a game changer in a good way, with others you get confused xD