Letter Collision

I have most often noticed this when gathering or purifying water - I find that the letters used overlap. Even selecting manually with arrow keys causes it to choose the “primary” one bound to it. Worse still is when the letter bindings change when it comes to filling one and then clashes with something not listed. This happens in the latest version of Cataclysm, Linux direct from the git repository.

I thought this bug was killed…

Looking into it…again x.x

If anyone wishes to test:

Can confirm this is an issue with the 0.8 release.

Same thing, ran into it trying to fill and/or purify water bottles.

[quote=“Klomvp, post:5, topic:3027”]Can confirm this is an issue with the 0.8 release.

Same thing, ran into it trying to fill and/or purify water bottles.[/quote]

Someone fix this so I can safely upgrade? Thanks.

It was an issue in 0.7 too :stuck_out_tongue:

So far I haven’t found it any more than a nuisance but it would nice if it was fixed.

[quote=“ramesesniblet, post:7, topic:3027”]It was an issue in 0.7 too :stuck_out_tongue:

So far I haven’t found it any more than a nuisance but it would nice if it was fixed.[/quote]

It was an issue in 28Jun, which is my current version. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m sick of having to save the game before I boil water.

This dang thing is harder to pin down then the nothing bug, I’ve yet to find any way that I’ve been able to replicate to create duplicate invlets.

That’s a shame. This thing has been popping up every few versions rendering the game effectively unplayable since like… early 0.7 I think. Only registered to say something as I thought it would have been fixed in the 0.8 version.

I have no idea how you CANT replicate it.

Replicating might not be a problem. Fixing it probably is.

Okay I’ll slightly rephrase that; I have no way to reliably replicate it. Whereas most bugs you can eventually pin down a “do steps 1-4 and the bug appears”, I’ve yet to find anything that will do that with a 100% success rate for this bug. Sure I can get it to happen every now and then, but if I can’t figure out what is causing it then the fact that it is occurring is practically worthless.

I mean sure I can replicate it with water some of the time, but all that really tells me is that that is not the cause of the problem, rather that some random thing that happens to interact with it (which is a very broad category) is.

As for unplayability it seems that the majority of the times this problem shows up can be (at least for me) solved by saving/reloading. Annoying, yes, but not game-breaking.

I have found in recent version that it shows up often when using anything that calls up a pure subset of your inventory. It is a mere mislabeling on this subscreen where the normal letter in the inventory and the letter displayed there don’t match up. For example, normally in your inventory your waterskin is assigned to letter Y. When you go fill it (usually with a pretty full page) it appears to be mapped to letter B and your gallon of bleach may appear to be mapped to letter Y. However the original configuration still applies. Not as bad as an outright letter collision since remembering the real letter assignments bypasses it but still annoying.

I have a hunch…

if I fill up my inventory to either 74/75 or 75/75…
then try to use my knife to cut up some rags…
in the screen where I choose what to cut, my knife has been removed from the list (so I can’t cut up my own tool), but now it shows that I have 73/75 instead of 74/75. Since all the other letters are taken, I think that is why it is using my pocket knife character, thus the double assignment. I’m going to try to make a reproducible set of instructions for this.

Yep, this will do it.

  1. Wish for 2 each of 75 different things (better wear some backpacks).
  2. Then drop some stuff and pick it back up to make sure the game is really okay with what you have in your inventory.
  3. Perform actions that will create new inventory letters (e.g. drink a shot of whisky so that now you have 1 bottle with 21 portions and 1 with 20).

If your action is NOT cutting up stuff, your last inventory letter will be used again. If it IS an Apply action like sewing or cutting up stuff, your knife/sewing kit letter will get double assigned.