Leather Tarp should also act as Tarpaulin

For the shelter and raincatcher contruction items.

Much easier to make a leather tarp than to find a space blanket or poncho.

Well, at least at low scarcity it is.

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keep in mind the Leather Tarp probably doesn’t have the metal loops a proper tarpaulin will have.

Probably not. But it’s presumably water and wind resistant. And one could punch holes in it with an awl.

The flimsy mylar emergency blankets aren’t going to take grommets well.

Although there are more durable emergency blankets that might.
I’m thinking the .gov supplied bulk disaster supplies aren’t going to be high dollar.

Absolutely. Legionnaire tents used by the Romans were made of treated leather panels and slept ten men while being all weather resistant.

If it is made by the player leather. It would probably have a rot timer with certain conditions. Would be nice to have grommets as an option though =D