[Latest Stable on Windows] Broadsword doesn't degrade

All weapons are supposed to degrade over time now, right? I just picked up a broadsword and noticed that it doesn’t have “health” bars.

Weapons don’t have health. They only have a chance to get damaged when you (s)mash things in with them. The same chance might also apply to regular swings but I highly doubt it. Either way, it’s not a pre-set durability kind of thing like in, say, Minecraft.

Protip: Don’t play stable. Do you like missing more than a year’s worth of daily updates? Because that’s how you miss more than a year’s worth of daily updates. The difference between the experimental builds and the stable one is astonishing. Experimentals being “highly buggy” or whatever is an exaggeration.

One thing i did notice in the latest experimentals is that the katana i found took an absurdly long time to tick down even a single point of durability, even with fighting a very large horde and smashing every corpse. I know this game has a long storied history of KATANA BEST BLADE FOLDED ONE MIRRION TIMES but this seems a little ridiculous considering how slender the blades tend to be

I’ve actually had an NPC companion reduce a pipe to health after a week or so of using the weapon. I told her to (s)mash zombie corpses in so they don’t revive, and that she did - multiple times a day. That’s the first time I’ve seen a weapon degrade so far. That’s why I no longer (s)mash corpses, really; once you find a good weapon, I think you can avoid it being degraded completely just by (B)utchering every corpse instead.