Last Stands, Battlezones, and Cops

You know how you sometimes find bodies scattered all over the place when you wonder around? I like the idea and, with people like scientists and just plain folk, I can understand why it would be just bodies (and what they were carrying) all over the place, but with the military and drug dealers there should be things like spent bullet casings, zombie bodies, and damage from explosions and fire around the area, making it really look like these people were taking their last stand against the horde; come to think of it, it would also make sense if their clothing was damaged as well.

And while we’re at it, another thing that bugs me is that when there’s a bunch of corpses lying around they’re all either military, scientists, drug dealers, or civilians. If you ask me there should be a chance of finding the aftermath of a battle or, when the NPC’s bugs get fully worked out, a battle in progress between two or more groups, like, for example, the military putting down a bunch of looters, or two groups of drug dealers at a drug deal gone bad.

Finally, there’s police stations, but where are the cops? Yes, they have robots to do police work, but you’ll still need flesh and blood officers. There needs to be the bodies of officers scatter around here and there, perhaps near a bunch of dead zombies where the officers took their last stand against the horde, or near a bunch of drug dealers at the aftermath of a drug bust gone bad.

The thing is, only criminals (drug dealers) military or scientists haven’t had water that contains living goo.

If you’ve been infected with it, you come back to life. Hence the wandering zombie cops instead of bodies.