Lab Console bug?

Hacked a terminal in a lab. Chose to look at manifest. It reported a screenful of CBMs and also 131823 other items at the bottom of the listing…
In-joke or bug?

I think (not sure) the manifest logs what kind of items are in the lab at certain spots. So… your lab is likely hugggggeeeeeee

Or it is a bug where the integer did something strange. (which is more likely tbh).

I’m pretty sure it’s a bug. The print statement has a placeholder for a variable but no variable there. I think C just uses some random memory location. So check the computer, wander around and check again, the number will likely be different.

Thanks Goober for reporting, and thanks Naver for spotting the fix.

I’ve submitted a patch to the main devs, hopefully it’ll get fixed in the main github repo soon enough.