Killing hostile npcs

So after defending myself several times from hostile npcs I keep getting the guilty status. Does killing hostiles still drop moral or could it be the child zombies I kill on the regular?

If I recall, the penalty for killing children gradually lessens. I don’t know the number of kills required to stop feeling guilty about it.

As for NPCs, dunno. If it doesn’t work the same way, it should.

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I don’t think hostile NPCs cause guilt. Zombie children definitely do.


Maybe they just don’t like squid girls. They all seem to want to cut off my tentacles.

Mmmmm fresh calamari, so tasty.


I will cut you…

I’m wondering if these NPCs are spawning with normal attitudes, but the extent of your mutations or bionics cause them to attack on sight. I’m pretty sure being overly deformed can make them do that. The game would just view their AI package as “normal survivor” when they spawn, so it’d make you feel bad for the murder.

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Well…she has the pretty trait as well…so I don’t know.

Mutations do make almost all random npc’s hostile for the most part I’ve found so it could be that. Pretty sure I got guilt at least once for killing an npc actively charging and smashing up my vehicle though not 100% sure on that one.

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Yep. Tentacles will do you in no matter how stylish or pretty you are for most NPCs.

How does cover work for ranged weapons and such, does standing near a wall really make a difference from standing next to nothing?
I really haven’t played the most recent updates and have never got into a gun fight with a npc…

I’m no expert, but as far as I know, bionics have no effect on NPC opinions. Although mutations evidently can drastically change things.
On the bright side, there are a few ones that increase opinion. Not a lot, but a few. I think there is a butterfly wings mutation that makes you more attractive.

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I don’t think there’s any difference. All that matters is your skills, encumbrance, gun and ammo, range and aiming. Whole a lotta of factors already.

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Near a wall I don’t think so, but you can use some things, such as zombies as cover. If it can take a hit and it’s between the shooter and you or vice versa it’ll have a chance to eat the shot instead. You can actually get some zombies murdering each other with this. Sometimes it’ll turn into a zombie brawl and 4-5 zombies end up dropping for you.

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Well…I have human companions…and mutant ones as well. So I guess it’s just rando.

Hey, don’t threaten people with good time