Kidnapping NPCs!

So I noticed theres a blindfold in the game. Having googled it, I guess its currently not yet possible to take an NPC prisoner, but damn is that a fun idea.

You could stun an NPC with a tazer, flashbang or, god forbid, a bullwhip and handcuff them or something. I’m interested in arresting the two jackoffs that roam my neighborhood claiming its their turf. Sadly, I am yet to see them blow each others heads off.

Now I will admit - there is little application to having a prisoner during the apocalypse. I suppose you could have speech checks for them to join your faction, which would be easier to win the more time you spend talking to them (stockholm syndrome?).

OR you could release them after a while with the agreement that they get the fuck out of town and don’t bother you anymore. Then you shoot them when they don’t.

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