Modding questions : Project Kawaii

Okay working on changing Kawaii Maid Mod from Lua to Json… for now since I don’t have any clue on making a system like K.M.M. had I am just working on making it useable via crafting.

Now for the questions.

  1. How does the crafting recipe time work? Like 5000 = ?

  2. Can you make a subcategory or a category via json mod. If so, how?

  3. To make it so you need the reciver/transmitter to get and send stuff will having it like this work?

“tool”: [ [ [“KAWAII_AMTS_reciver” , -1] ] ]
^added to the recipes and setting the item itself as a tool?

Any help is much appreciated.

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Recipe time is in action points, 100 action points to a 6 second turn. For the kawaii mod, from what little I understand of it, you could make all the recipes take 80 action points.

You can’t make subcategories or categories via JSON.

You could implement the AMTS receiver with an ATMS_RECEIVER quality. Then you could gate the recipes based on the ATMS_RECEIVER quality as a tool. That’s actually probably a good way to implement it.


Well… It’s not crashing or having errors pop up anymore… but it will not register that a tool is needed to make the thing… how do you go about making a recipe need a tool with a new quality? I think I messed it up somewhere.

Declare the tool_quality in data/json/tool_qualities.json

    "type": "tool_quality",
    "id": "ATMS_RECEIVER",
    "name": "ATMS Receiver Upgrade"

Reference the tool_quality in the "qualities" field of the recipe like "qualities": [ { "id": ATMS_RECEIVER", "level": 2 } ]

haven’t tested it, but that should work.

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Tyvm it works now. Not really sure where I went wrong but meh. It works.