Json editing

so ive been goofing around with the json files and i noticed i could not find the crack pipe, which is weird because it is in the game. i was wondering if there was a way to make a bong any of that stuff. you see i made the bong and added it so i guess my questions would be what action or something makes it required to smoke a bowl? i can smoke pot from my hands in cata and that is simply nonsense. you cant smoke crack without a crack pipe. and i know you can bump it but thats not what im looking for

thanks for your interest all. i figured it out all on my own so burn in an eternal pit of damnation!

You can easily add items with the item data/raw/XXXX.json files. Adding effects to them that aren’t already in the game will require you to recompile the source code yourself.

And for answering you only waited four hours. There are only 1219 members total. Sometimes it will take a while to get a response, especially on things that only a small portion of the already small community knows how to do.

Lets sticky 1 thread with json questions at the top. The first post will give an explanation. See my post about adding adding professions. Kevin Granade explains how to do this.

for all interested in editing in json go to http://tomeko.net/software/JSONedit/ and click the underlined link at the bottom of the page.

add that to the json thread. idk where it be