Joke weapons for fun

That’d best be put in another thread to avoid Flag Spam.

i was more asking if that idea had any merritt to post about in the first place

I have no idea how no one has posted this one yet, but it is definitely worthy of inclusion.


Oh, yes, that’s be a great thread in my opinion. I know that I’d love it. I imagine a lot of people that like this thread would like that one too.

Now, to help the AFSI (Anti Flag Spam Initiative) I will also add this contribution:
The Weapon of Killing. It’s a weapon, that kills. Similar to the Bag of Holding, but, not. It would probably do either a tint amount of damage (Cuz trollish irony) or a lot.

Alternatively, The Weapon of Killing could sap your HP at an insane rate. I mean, it doesn’t specify exactly WHO is the one being on the receiving end of the killing.

How about a Banhammer? Heavy as crap, does no damage, but “bans” the enemies… which does nothing, because it’s not an online game.


Here is a idea. The gamblers dagger. a simple dagger that has a random chance to kill a enemy but does little damage on itself. similer to a weapon from skyrim. something something razor had a small chance to kill a enemy no matter the enemy but it was a basic weapon on its own

Now wait just a minute. We DO have crows in game :wink:

I was going to send the same suggestion ma boi

A M60 that was used in Vietnam and Everytime it shoots instead of the normal noise of a gun it starts playing fortunate son until all the ammo is GONNE

Also why the game doesn’t have the M16 if we have M60’s ?

The game does have the AR-15 and the M4A1 on its own. Extended Realistic Guns is what you’re looking for if you want seven different flavors of M16 and M4, like I do.