It's been a long time since I've started a new save, before calories/exertion was added and crafting proficiencies was added. Any tips for a returning player?

I have played with Calories and Tailoring, but that was introduced to me while playing an existing save while I was decently setup. Plus, crafting proficiencies were added too.
I want to start over from scratch in the latest experimental with all the new content and some early on starting tips for the changes.
For the most part, while I may struggle at the beginning since I am far from the most skilled, I know how to play and start off other than around the calories and proficiency additions, and whatever else may be new. On the older save I ended up having to learn quite a few new things with those additions. I’ve played all the way since before 0.C was released so don’t worry about giving me any ‘noob’ tips, just more updated stuff.

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all proficiencies do from my point of view is make crafting take longer until you acquire them. so you can largely ignore them.

what do you mean by calories?

only newish thing early game advice I can think of is that smashing toliets drops wax that can be used to make candles.

edit: realized what you meant by calories

  • you get a gauge of your calories from your weight
    -this can be found at the “@” menu below your stats
  • I try to aim between normal and overweight
    -to gain weight try to stay full with the most calorie dense material on hand, sleeping in 3 hour intervals may be overkill but it can help along with pausing crafting to eat
    -to lose weight eat nothing except water to drink
    -to maintain weight just eat to try to avoid being hungry
    -i play with 90 day seasons with the default (61 ish spring) start date so deveating from this may result in my strategy being inaccurate
  • my go to is to get the very obese starting trait along with light eater since it lets me eat nothing for several days and focus on getting water and setup
    -the only real drawback is a cold or 2
  • by the time im just overweight its close enough to summer that I can survive off forage til then
    -once summer rolls round I can gain weight using fruit
    -autumn early on you can use fruit, later on i recommend beech nuts and roasted acorns
    -to survive winter and spring collect several thousand (10000ish is a good number) acorns in autumn so you can maintain weight with roasted acorns

-if low on calcium craft bone meal tablets or eat burdock
-b12 hunt animals drain and drink their blood (avoid mutant blood, and mutant meat) ideally make dehydrated meat then protein powder so you have an on demand source of b12 (using protein shakes or eating dehydrated meat)
-vitamin a, spring, summer harvest and eat wild vegetables, autumn eat rose hips, winter eat wild herbs, seeds with vitamin a, or collected in autumn juniper berries
-vitamin c largely like vitamin a but with fruit during summer and autumn
-iron honestly never encountered this deficiency in the first place

-mutant meat
mutant animals drop mutant meat that contains toxins that cause problems in large amounts
potentally a bug but they can (not always) drop organs that are safe to eat when cooked

The hunger system is odd. In general, I’ve found you should eat when very hungry, but ignore hungry, as that seems to indicate peckish when overweight, while normal weight go directly to very hungry. My 0.E2 stable character oscillated between overweight and normal weight this way.
When underweight, eat until you can’t eat any more and do it as often as you can, using the most calorie dense food you can get. So, in that situation, the hunger indications are irrelevant as you shouldn’t get hungry because you stuff yourself before that.

As far as I’ve understood, the systems have been changed since I played so that you now need huge amounts of calories to do just about anything, including light crafting.

Food just works like IRL food now. Try to eat around 2k calories a day, but eat more if you’re doing a ton of work and less if you’re overweight.

If you’re “very hungry” that means you’re at a calorie deficit. If you’re just “hungry” it means you’re fine. You can’t starve to death in a couple days just because you feel hungry now, you actually have to waste away over a period of weeks like IRL. As in real life, hunger doesn’t mean you need food, it just means you feel like eating. You have to make smart decisions about your diet that aren’t just down to whether your stomach is empty or not.

Proficiencies aren’t too bad. If you see a craft requires multiple proficiencies you don’t have, consider trying to get those before crafting the item. The best way to get proficiencies is to make simple things that only require one proficiency that you’re missing. Otherwise you’re penalized too hard on crafting time and will make little progress on learning.

IE to get Leatherworking, make leather vambraces. Don’t make leather boots, because those also require cobbling and if you’re missing both proficiencies it will take you an ungodly amount of time to get it done.

The other thing is that armor is all different now, and currently cut weapons kind of suck. So be ready for that.