Randomized amounts

I think it would be logical to step forward and make randomized number of charges/units to everything that we can find in the world in addition to matches/lighters.
For example:

[ul][li]cigarette packs half-full or just single one left[/li]
[li]flashlights and everything electrical with random amount of charges (sometimes they die you know)[/li]
[li]half-full ammo boxes (maybe exception for gun stores since there can be sealed packs there)[/li]
[li]bits of thread in sewing kits or tailoring kits[/li]
[li]half eaten packs of beans\cheese\bolognas[/li]
[li]whatever else fits here[/li][/ul]

I tihnk this would add greatly to atmosphere of chaos and failed evacuation in the game.

Technically the game already supports this, but not in a way that is particularly easy to do in the JSONS (check the charge_card application to see the current method). If someone wants to do a bit of a use improvement for the JSON side of things this could go in pretty easily.