Do Cows have to be in the reality bubble to survive/function and do they need to be fed yet?

Found an intact dairy farm with over a dozen cows and can’t house them at my base (A mine)

If I tame them will they stay and produce milk? Do they require feeding (I have the NPC Needs disabled mod active, do cows count?)

They need food to produce milk but they stay alive even when they find no food to eat. I’ve tamed a goat and this is how I keep it: tie it at a corner in my base, put a pile of straw and a bucket under it, and milk it every morning. If the animal leaves reality bubble for 48 hours, it needs to keep eating for a few days before it produces milk again, when it reenters reality bubble.


Thanks for the info, if only there was a mutant animal you could milk for mercury

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