Is there any way to permanately disable all error message?

So I really like this game but I am frustrated by the fact that I am getting spammed by error messages a lot. The error messages are something to the effect of an error has occured, item X deleted, press I to ignore c to copy. An error has occured, stolen item X not found, press I to ignore and c to copy, an error has occured, item xs label lost, press I to ignore and c to copy.

Im not complaining about bugs, I know there are bugs, none of them game breaking in the F version, but the problem is constantly getting spammed with these error messages is unfun and immersion breaking. Im not a quality control person, I’m not here to read code jargon, I would just like to play. And unfortunately these messages are constantly in my face. The vast majority of them have no actual meaningful effect on game, just pressing I for ignore has no effect on my game, but there is an infinite number of errors and I only covers the specific error, so no matter how many times I press I to ignore in the future there is just error after error after error to ignore.

So is there any way to disable this error reporting system, just make it go away so I can play the game? I dont care about whatever little damage these bugs are doing, but the bug reporting system itself is a bug, its really bad and interfering. Maybe you should disable this for stable versions?

Try using compatible mod and game version and preferably stable version of the game. There should be much less error messages.