Is there any way to make a Cx4 Storm fire bursts?

It seems to only be semi automatic even with a battle rifle conversion.

… Also the autofire mechanism appears to say it’s only for pistols. Is that true? If so, why don’t we have an alternative for other gun types?

I thought this gun was promising but if it’s stuck on semi automatic, it’s going to suck. Even against a dog it was doing about 10 damage with +P rounds.

Seeing as the Cx4 is the civilian version of THIS…

it seems to me that we should have a way of converting it to imitate the Mx4.

Need a simple trigger modification so that it re-fires even without pulling the trigger again.

Well, I stand corrected. While I still think this thing should be modifiable, it’s better than I thought. For some reason it was sucking balls against a dog I tested it on, but it’s doing about 30-40 damage vs zombie dogs and zombears.

Maybe the dog had a dodge bounus or something?

Skill scales up with damage.

But there were literally minutes between the two tests. My skill was the same.

Zombie dogs are death incarnate, they have an armor value of 4. Which is like halfway to being an army helmate.

Eh? The wiki says they have no armour but just a high dodge skill.

Is that what you meant?

That value is 4. But a normal dog has 3.

So why was the normal dog taking a quarter of the damage the zombie dog did? Even a zombear took about the same damage as the zombie dog.

Because stats are weird and don’t trust the wiki. It’s out dated as hell.